7 Rules for Winning!!!

Having a living relationship with Jesus will impact your life. Joshua 1:8
If you practice the things written in the word, it will lead to success.The Word of God is programmed to make us succeed. Once we connect with God, it brings out the best results in our lives. Applying the Word of God makes us prosperous (make progress). If you are a practicing Christian, you’ll make progress.If You Want To Succeed In Life, You Must Have This SEVEN Attributes.
Desire .
John 4:32 – 34 ; Psalm 37:4 ; Mark 11:24
God responds to real desires .
You have to see the fulfilled picture of your dream. Keep playing the picture of your desired future, in your mind

Don’t let anything make you give up. Go for what you want and be ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Develop to be the person of your dreams. Be qualified for your next level. Develop yourself to be that person you have been dreaming of. Develop yourself for that future you have always dreamt off.

Be deliberate. Luke 14:28
Successful people believe in taking the steps. Failures depend on chance.

Be dedicated.
Poor people minor on the majors and major on the minors. Learn to be the dedicated to important things. One of the ways to unlock the supernatural in your finances is by giving and tithing. Matthew 6:21; Malachi 3:10. Once you tithe, your focus should be on God as your source.

Detox: Consciously deal with negative traits like envy, bitterness, anger, wickedness etc. Luke 6:28; 16:12. Go out of your way to help people. Be kind to those that you’re better than.Forgive people. If God can forgive you, you have no right to withhold forgiveness. Matthew 6:12; 18:27-30.


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