Benefit Of Fasting

The fast starts today, 6am- 6pm , if you have any medical conditions or a nursing mother you can just join us to pray.
We pray by 10:44pm on IG live and Facebook live. BASIC TIPS for fasting –
#1 – Remember that the first day is usually the hardest so don’t be tempted to give up. Your body will adjust after the second day or so.
Stay away from places where people are cooking or eating,
#2 – Spend time praying and studying the word it’s not about starving but about drawing closer to God and focusing on spiritual things

#3 – Don’t indulge in your pleasures ,avoid too much talk, tv, social media and co and stay focused on God.

#4 – Drink lots of water and reduce physical activities that will wear you out
#5 – Freshen your breath, then make sure you join the live prayer every night and have specific expectations.

Congratulations on a glorious year!!!

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