We are so excited.
Join us through out the month of June @dcclagos for DON’T SINK.
Host: Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo @kingsleypst
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Don't Sink Confessions


We are so excited.
It’s our month of prayer at @dcclagos and @dccisland, with #prayersthatwork all the Sundays in May. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 That’s not all though – 21 days of prayer starts now with #21thingstoprayfor. So for the next 21 days we will be praying for many different things and every day we will be sharing prayer points with corresponding scriptures. Isn’t that a good reason to follow us? Turn on your notifications so you don’t miss any day.😉 Now two major things we will need will be pure intentions and consistency. So that would be a good place to start.

Prayers That Work Confessions

Prophetic Declaration by Pastor Kinglsey

21 Things To Pray For

  • Let us ask God for A pure heart to ask for the right things with the right motive and steadfastness to stay committed to
    praying for the next 21 days. Psalms 51: 10
  • Pray for deeper intimacy with God. There is nothing as fulfilling as knowing God for yourself. Experience the fullness of his love and power. Pray also that the resurrection power of Jesus will be evident in all areas of your life till it overflows and is active in your life
  • I know it’s easy to always want to complain about the government or our bosses or those in leadership or worse still become detached and indifferent but God expects us to take a different approach.Today let’s pray for all those in leadership in any area of our lives. The more they rule with godly wisdom the easier our lives will be.
  • Praying for your country or the country where God has placed you is pivotal to the outcome of your life. The Bible makes it clear that If Nigeria prospers we prosper.
    So let’s pray for the welfare of our nation and declare it’s prosperity. There will be no war! There will be peace and progress.
    Oh! God of creation
    Direct our noble cause
    Guide our leaders right
    Help our youth the truth to know
    In love and honesty to grow
    And living just and true
    Great lofty heights attain to build a NATION where peace and justice shall reign
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to always know what to do? Where to go? To never be confused or stranded? The beauty of our God is that you can. You can hear him clearly at every crossroad.
    Today pray that divine direction will be your daily experience. That you will always hear God clearly.
  • These few words are very powerful simple as they may seem. It’s an intense prayer; pray for God’s blessing, increase that comes through God’s promotion, God’s continued presence in your life and in all you do, and finally God’s protection and preservation. The best part of this prayer is the Bible tells us God granted his request. That is the assurance that he will grant yours too if you pray
  • oday is a good day to pray for all mothers isn’t it? As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, pray for every mother you know. Let’s begin with your mother or mother-in law. That they will be blessed with a long, happy and healthy life. Pray also for every woman trusting God for babies that they will have a divine encounter like Hannah in the Bible did and next year when we celebrate Mother’s Day it will be a reality and not just a promise of what is to come. Also pray for those already blessed with children, they will not lose their children in Jesus name. Finally if you are a mother pray for yourself. Being a mother is such a joyful yet huge responsibility. Pray for wisdom and grace to raise godly, wise, favored, gifted and greatly successful children who are preserved for greatness even in this chaotic world. Pray in Jesus name.
  • It’s the beginning of a new week. Let’s start off on the right note. If you find you don’t know what to do, or you are stranded in any way then ask God for help. Pray for wisdom today. Pray that you will always know the next correct step to take in Jesus name


All through the month of march is our relationship  month  tagged: INLAWS, OUTLAWS & MARITAL LAWS….in line with this we desire for you to confess along with us concerning your marriage, relationships, well being and affairs.
We’re sure of your testimonies and miracles as you confess along with us!

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