Don’t leave it to chance Part 3

Sermon by Pastor Busayo Adekanmbi
Topic: Don’t leave it to chance Part 3
Text: Daniel 11:32b

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The more of God we know the more insignificant the devil should be towards us, Daniel 11:32b
Knowing God is not mysterious, Hosea 4:6, you just have to spend time with Him it’s a process.
Same way you know people through spending time, so it is with God, knowing God is key to everything.
Getting to know God, you have to know He’s a creator and can create your desires.
Because He is a creator, there’s nothing called impossible with Him.
God is a Spirit, Genesis 1:2b, John 4:24, it means God is everywhere, He is unlimited, He is not a man. He is not sentimental not emotional. So relate with Him like God.
God loves you no matter your action, it is not your actions but the complete work of Christ on the cross.
No matter what you’re going through God will pull you through, He’s with you at all times.
Jonah 4:2-11
God loves you to a fault that the devil is very jealous of that.
We have to the end of today’s service, we believe you were blessed. See you on Sunday for another wonderful experience. You’re a living miracle.

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