Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance
Message by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.

God gave us emotions. He however expects us to manage them in the right way. Our emotions are not meant to be the basis for our decisions.

Emotion is a good follower but not a good leader. A man that cannot control his feelings will not be able to make something good out of life. Doing what is important irrespective of how you feel makes you emotionally mature (Prov 25:28, Eph 4:26)

It is also key to learn to restrain from impulsive reactions. Your first reaction when you are irked will likely be wrong. Slowing down your time of response will make you to control anger and other negative emotions (James 1:19, Prov 15:1)


Prayer: This is key in keeping our feelings in check. In addition to your constant prayer of fellowship with God, you can say a prayer of rescue when in a dire emotional situation. Jesus had to do this when he was about to face the cross (Luke 22:42). When you are in touch with God in prayer, depression will not set in. The presence of God brings joy (Psalm 16:11, Jer 15:16). He is the ultimate encourager

Principles/Structures: Putting structures in place allows the decision to be made already before the feelings kick in. This is particularly key for people that make emotional decisions. Even if you feel you have things under control, have structures in place still. When you adhere to  structures designed to build you, you will get strengthened and save yourself from troubles.

May God give you the strength to make sound rather than emotional decisions.

God bless you

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