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N3,000 – LATE REGISTRATION(Late Registration Starts October 6th, 2017)


N7,500 – LATE REGISTRATION(Late Registration Starts October 6th, 2017)

Grow Ministry Conference

Grow Ministry Conference is for church leaders who are continually shifting gears to keep up with the demands of ministry. At Grow Ministry Conference 2017, you’ll attend various sessions, in which Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo will share his greatest thoughts on ministry and leadership.

There will also be a variety of breakout sessions led by key communicators from David’s Christian Centre. These breakouts offer an opportunity to dive deep into ministry areas that interest you.


Check-in - 5:00PM

Check-in - 5:00PM

Breakout session 1 - 6:00PM

Breakout session 1 - 6:00PM

Main session 1 - 7:00PM

Main session 1 - 7:00PM

End - 8:00PM

End - 8:00PM

Check-in - 8:00AM

Check-in - 8:00AM

Main session 2 - 9:00AM

Main session 2    -      9:00AM

Break - 10:00AM

Break - 10:00AM

Breakout session 2 - 10:30AM

Breakout session 2  - 10:30AM

Main session 3 - 11:30AM

Main session 3 - 11:30PM

Breakout session 3 - 12:45PM

Breakout session 3 - 12:45PM

Lunch - 1:15PM

Lunch - 1:15PM

Main session 4 - 3:00PM

Main session 4 - 3:00PM

End - 4:00PM

End - 4:00PM



Learn the daily process of running your ministry which includes; Organization, management and pastoral care.

Alternative Church

Learn how to create fellowships that engage people of different ages in your church.

Creatives / Publicity

Learn how to create fantastic graphic designs, videos, websites and a captivating publicity strategy.

Comeback Effect

Learn how to create an excellent first and lasting experience for visitors  and secrets  to make your ministry stand out.

Digital Curb Appeal

Learn how to leverage on technology and utilize all your social media platforms for publicity.

Events Planning

Learn how to create a lasting experience from your event, and the detailed process of planning an event.

Financial Management

Learn the financial dynamics of handling church finances; the basics such as  opening accounts, managing and handling different types of accounts. Common financial mistakes in ministry and how to avoid them.

Kids Ministry

Raising godly children in the world today can be daunting. Learn the secrets of an excellent children’s ministry; writing age appropriate curriculum. Learn  and understand how the  curriculum and structure can help your church grow.

Systems and Structures

Learn how to put internal structures in place, and how to strengthen the engine room of your ministry.

Small Group

Learn how to run small group meetings, that are interesting and engaging.

Team Dynamics

Learn how to create teams, staff them and choose the right people for the right roles. Learn how to create team building environments that foster training and encourage team leaders to recreate themselves in others.

Teens Ministry

Learn how to build a vibrant teen ministry that appeals to teenagers yet gives them spiritual depth and  keeps them grounded.

Worship Culture

Learn how to build a worship team, and how to infect a worship culture in your church.


Early Registration N2000
Late Registration N3000 (Late Registration Starts October 6th, 2017)


Early Registration N5000
Late Registration N7500 (Late Registration Starts October 6th, 2017)


Account Name: David’s Christian Church Intl-Trainings


Account Number: 0249471336.

Bank : Gtbank.


ENQUIRY: 09086841370, 08077714411