Happy Soul Carnival

There are many more sinners brought to Christ by happy Christians

There’s a reason why comedians are popular and draw crowds. People feel happier when they are around happy people. Even memories of our school days remind us that funny kids are popular kids.

Happy Attraction

That’s one reason why the happiest Christians tend to be the best soul-winners. Their attractive cheerfulness draws people rather than repels them. Even non-Christians enjoy their company and gladly choose to spend time with them. You can’t evangelize if people avoid your miserable company and run when they see you coming.

Happy Contrast

Another reason is that genuine happiness is quite rare and people notice it when they come across it. They are intrigued and curious. They watch and study this unusual human specimen. They want to find out what makes such a person tick. They listen when they speak and try to work out what makes this person different.

In contrast, the sad Christian doesn’t stand out at all. He’s just like most everyone else in the world. Nothing special or different about him. No curiosity or puzzle there.

Happy Words

The happy Christian has a positive witness. He’s not always criticizing and condemning the world, but is pointing to Christ and highlighting His benefits. He uses the carrot more than the stick. He motivates by love more than fear. He draws with promises more than drives with threats.

Happy Hope

The happy Christian also wins souls by his optimism. He rejects fatalistic pessimism because he knows that God also loves to win souls, that He delights to save sinners, that He is not only able but willing to do so, and that He will receive any and all who come to Him by Christ.

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,
And he who wins souls is wise.”
Proverbs 11:30

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