Text: Matthew 16:13
The ‘I Am’ in this case refers to our identity. That is why it is important to know who we are.
Your identity only has to come from who God says you are. It’s the only thing that can give you value.

John 1:46- People can’t define you, they can only describe you. Most people validate themselves based on the opinions of others.
Exodus 3:14- Many people in the Bible days saw the different aspects of God and described Him based on those aspects. Genesis 22:14; Exodus 15:26.
Only God can define you and He relates with us based on how He sees us. Romans 4:17; Judges 6:12.
Until you see yourself the way God sees you, you may never experience the manifestations of how He sees you.
People most times talk at the best of their knowledge or ignorance.
Only God’s Word about us is unchangeable. Numbers 23:19.
Always ensure you surround yourself with the right people. Luke 6:26.
Don’t build your identity, self esteem and confidence around people. They can take all that away from you. Matthew 21:9; Colossians 2:10.
Don’t build your life on your possessions. What you own doesn’t define you. Luke 12:15.
Mark 8:36- Don’t let anyone pressure you into materialism. Material things doesn’t take away the emptiness in your soul.
Finding your purpose in God should be your identity.
Your identity comes from our relationship with God. We are who God says we are. Don’t let things or people define you.
What an amazing Thanksgiving Service! We believe you were blessed…

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