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For us at David’s Christian Center, the month of June is the month of love. Yeah, we recognize that the entire world celebrates love in the month of February and we do that too but in June, we are taught practical steps to loving our spouses the right way.

PK, our father in the Lord, also a staunch believer in doing marriage the right way and in the fact that we can have the marriage of our dreams, took us to school as he did an exposé on Marriage, aptly titled Marriage 101

If you missed the services, here’s a sneak peek.

While we strive to become complete individuals, we cannot deny the fact that there’s a sense of fulfillment we get from connectedness. When you are connected to the right people, you find that you achieve more, you are less likely to be distracted and ultimately fulfill your purpose.

Whatever you do, never marry for the wrong reasons. Why? Because when you marry for the wrong reasons, chances are that you’ll marry the wrong person. Marrying the wrong can truncate your purpose.

As parents, your marriage should be an example to your children. You form their earliest opinion of what marriage should be like. It is from you that they decide how they would treat their spouses. So whatever you do, please be a good example.

Above all, remember, love isn’t selfish, love is all about sharing, love is a sacrifice. As a married person, you should never seek your benefit, you should always seek the good and wellbeing of your partner. If married people seek the interest of their partners, we would not have divorce cases.


To wrap up a wonderful and insightful message series, married couples at DCC renewed their vows before God in a fun, intimate and traditional way. It was a moment to consciously tell your spouse you still do and re-echo those very well thought vows that bind. Below are some moments from the renewal of vows captured in pictures


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