No Dry Season

Sermon by :Pastor kingsley Okonkwo
Title : No Dry Season.
Text: proverb 10:22



All of us might not be rich, but we are all blessed.

When you are blessed, the favor of God supplies whatever is missing.

When you are blessed, you look better than the rich. What guarantees no dry season is the blessing. When you are blessed, the favour has a way of supplying whatever is lacking but when you are rich, you depend on your money to meet your needs. Proverbs 10:22.

There is a difference between being rich and blessed.
The rich don’t give, it is the blessed that give.

Every kingdom is being financed.
Luke 8:1-3

Every kingdom is being financed.
Luke 8:1-3

Mark 4:15-

The main reason why the devil will always attack you, is for the WORD’S (God’s Word) sake.

Satan is an expert in stealing the word of God from people.

Mark 4:15-20

Affliction and other challenges will come, just to choke the Word of God, that you have received.

Psalm 1:1
God’s word is the singular most important factor for you to bare fruits or be fruitful.

When you are blessed, you will look rich. Psalm 1:3. The blessed, run with the favor of God but, the rich sweat it out.

Proverbs 22:29

You are not meant to speak the way unbelievers speak because, you are blessed already.

Psalm 1:1-

The word of God is like an egg, you’re meant to guide it jealously.

Your disposition affects your position.

How you feel and what you think, affects what you produce.

3 things you need to do to keep the word.

  1. Feed yourself with God’s word.
  2. Meditate on it
  3. Act on it.

The reason why we complain so much is because, we are used seeing our problems and not God’s provision.

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