Releasing The Blessings

Message by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Topic: Releasing The Blessings

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Wherever we find ourselves our blessings will spread out beyond us and make a difference. We are a carrier of blessing and wherever we are, we are meant to be a blessing. Begin to proclaim you are a blessing.

Today’s fast concentrates on where you work, your business, the institution you belong to (your church).

2 Samuel 6:11- When you support your spiritual family(church), the blessings rub off on you.

The best legacy you can give your children is service to God. There is always residual blessings for the children to partake in. God’s covenant extends to generations.
2 Samuel 9:1-7.

God honours those that serve Him. Exodus 23:25.

As a born again Christian, always pray for your church. That is the quickest way to getting blessed.

We are also going to degree the blessing upon Nigeria because we are here.

Genesis 39:5- You are a blessing carrier. Always declare blessing wherever you work as long as your are still there.

If you are in business, declare blessing for the industry that you are in. Genesis 30:27(Amp).

Usually the person that prays is the first partaker of the blessing.

From today everywhere we go, anything we touch and whatever we do is blessed. Amen!

It was such an amazing time in service tonight and we believe you were blessed. Our fast continues tomorrow. God bless you.


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