The 3 Kinds of Love Every Couple Needs

The 3 Kinds of Love Every Couple Needs

Sermon title:  3 Kind Of Love

Sermon by : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo



Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo ministering The 3 Kind of Love Every Couple Needs.

Every relationship needs love. There are different kinds of love. Every couple needs the three kind of love.

1. Eros – This is gotten from the word erotic. Eros is a sensual and emotional kind of love. It’s what most people think love is. Most movies and novels projects Eros as love.

Eros is the first kind of love that comes into play in a relationship. Everything about Eros is exciting. This is a vital part of a relationship and needs to be sustained.

Eros is very fragile and is the first kind of love that dies. It is the kind of love a woman likes.

Phileo- Is the friendship kind of love. This is the second stage of love. It is stronger than Eros. In phileo, you know the person’s weakness yet you still love them.

Phileo is built on understanding. This is the kind of love a man likes. Titus 2:3-4

Learn to be friends with your husband. Be interested in what they like. Be his buddy.

3. Agape – This is the strongest of the kinds of love. It is the God-kind of love and we need the help of God because it is supernatural. While Eros and Phileo are self-demanding, Agape is self-denying.

Agape is based on your ‘Will’ and not your ‘Feel’. It is the commitment kind of love. Agape is a giving love. It not only gives but gives its best. John 3:16; Ephesians 5:25.

Love cannot be defined but described. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8(NIV). God expects us to show the agape kind of love to other believers. Practising agape love will help you in marriage.

You cannot practise this kind of love if you are not born again. Romans 5:5. As believers, we need the grace of God to practise agape love.


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