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Grow Up

Sermon title: GROW UP

Sermon by : MIN WALE



Jeremiah 29:11

There are some things when you know them they make you excited for life.

I know the thoughts I have toward you,
God have a good plan for you,
God’s plan is not just for you to have it,
But for you to also preserve it

God’s concern is for you to preserve the blessings he gives to you.
God’s desire is for you to grow into maturity.

There are certain blessings God will not release to you until you grow up spiritually.
Galatians 4:1

When you remain a baby in Christianity,
You delay your blessings because there’s a measure of blessings God can’t release to you at that stage, the blessing will destroy you.
Hebrews 5:14

For you to enter the fullness of God blessings,
you need to be trained.

Only the preservers preside.

The Bible says we are the salt of the earth,
It is because the salt preserves the earth.

*God is saying I need you to change,
For me to connect you to your divine blessings.

Three major areas you must grow as a Christian.

1corithains13:11 1timothy4:13

* Your word is one of your strongest assets
as a Christian.

You need to grow up in the way you address people.

Great people don’t always express their mind,
They mind what they express.

Good conduct is needed in all aspect of your life as a Christian.

You can commit that sin, God will forgive you, but you would have truncated your own blessings.

Thank you for joining us for our mid-week service, we believe you have been blessed by the word, Stay blessed.


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