The Leader Within

This week sermon by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo @kingsleypst
Every child of God is a potential leader.

Three Things About a Leader:
1. Leaders see the big picture.
2. Leaders see far. Genesis 41:30-38
3. Leaders see clearly.

To lead you must have vision, your ability to see the invisible puts you ahead, 1Chronicles 12:32.

To be a leader you have to see the big picture, if not you won’t know how to cooperate and flow with other people, see beyond your personal contributions.

When there is vision, there’s provision.

Most people are driven by excitement and when the excitement leaves, they start something new.

This can happen in business, marriage & relationships, career and even in ministry.

Reinventing yourself is the best way to break through the brick wall (the no excitement stage).

Once you see beyond your personal contributions, your behaviour will change and once your behaviour changes life on its own promotes you

Another is that Leaders see far…
What you see affects your behaviour, leaders see farther than here.

Businesses must learn to use the law of time perspective, what you see determines how far and how fast you go.

Life is not designed to help you rather it’s designed for you to contribute then you will get promoted.

Leaders see clearly, they know what to do, they are precise. In life sometimes you will hit brick wall in anything you do but keep moving, it’s staying power you need not starting power.

Anybody can start anything but leaders see clearly and stays, leaders have ‘why’ and it’s the why that keeps them going.

Jesus saw the big picture, you’re not appointed before you lead, you lead and then you’ll be appointed. Hebrews 12:2, Genesis 41:38.

Never see where you are now rather see where you’re going to.

As a Christian you must understand that God has a vision and devil has a vision too, the truth is the devil is very strategic too.
Matthew 16:17-18.

There are 7 Spheres of mankind that satan tries to take over:
#1 Religion:
Also known as spiritual power, the devil trys to make it look like all faiths are the same. All faiths are not the same, Christianity is different and built on Christ which is relationship with God.  John 14:6 .We are different because we walk on salvation, our sins have been paid for Hebrews 4:15, Christ gave us the salvation, Romans 6:23 and paid for our sins. It is not sin that makes people go to hell, it is not accepting Christ that takes people to hell.

#2 Education:– People that teach or controls children also controls the word. Education controls mental power.

#3 Financial Power/Money/Business.

#4 Political Power: So political power controls the society and people. It’s here that agenda is pushed.

#5. Media: Ephesians 2:2 The devil likes media and has overtaken the platform to propagate his agenda.

#6. Family :That’s why there’s increase in divorce, homosexuality etc.

#7. Arts and Entertainment .

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  1. Femi FORTUNE-IDOWU : October 10, 2017 at 6:22 am

    …leadership is everything. So inspired by this message.

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