The Power of Gates

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Sermon by Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Topic:  “The Power of the gates”

Download Message:  THE POWER OF GATES

TEXT:  2Kings 7:1-8 and John 5:1-9

Gates are very important in everybody’s life, it will either make you or mar you.

Right now we are between the gate of 2017 and 2018. And how we use this gates will determine how 2018 will be.

We need to be very deliberate about how we enter 2018.

We don’t have to sit around and wait for things to happen rather we happen to things.

So these are the things we need to watch in 2018;
#1 Who are your influences?

You need to prune your circle, Proverbs 4:23.

Who are you listening to?

You need to be careful who’s around you.

#2 Be mindful of injuries.
Malice, hatred, strife, offence etc.

If you hold on to injuries, where is the space for God to bless you?

Injuries are meant to distract you, you have to move. Satan wants to distract you with injuries.

#3 Instructions
2 Chronicles 20:20b
A lot of instructions will come from your man of God, your study, HolySpirit.

So be mindful of instructions and follow through.

Isaiah 1:19. There will be blessing and reward for every instructions.

#4 Be intentional about next year
Develop a plan

2018 you need to be prepared, write down your goals with timelines to avoid distractions.
Write it down.
Habakkuk 2:2

Develop steps on how to meet the goals.

Financial, spiritual, physical, emotional etc

Develop very clear steps on how to achieve the goals.

Learn something new everyday that will benefit your life.

#5 You need to pray.

Learn to settle things in the place of prayer.

Now we are praying as a church;
Firstly for the gate of 2018 to open up for us.
Psalms 24:7-8
Commanding the gates, the everlasting doors to be lifted.

Genesis 1:1-2(MSG)
Declare that Spirit of God begins to brood over 2018, we submit 2018 to you, Holy Spirit move over it.

Praying about clarity
Genesis 1:3(MSG). Praying for light for 2018.

Genesis 1:9(MSG) declaring the appearance of land (opportunities) for us come 2018.

Genesis 1:11(MSG)
That our lives will produce all varieties of good.

Genesis 1:20-22
Declaring for helpers from on high, helpers that are invisible that move things in your life.

Genesis 1:24(MSG)
Declaring life in all areas of our lives.


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