Whose Report Do You Believe

Today’s message by Min Supo Arogundade
Topic : Whose Report Do You Believe
Focus text : Isaiah 53:1

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Min. Supo bringing us God’s this morning;
Do You believe God’s report concerning you

Without faith, its impossible to please God.

Don’t allow yourself get so familiar with God, that you no Longer believe His words.

Just like when Jesus went to His home town, He could not perform miracles be cause of lack of faith and over familiarity.

Luke 22:31-32 Your faith will not fail as the year round up. Strength is realised to your faith to receive God’s report over you.( decree)

Believe God’s report about you against all odds and your life will be transformed.

(1 king 17 : 12 -15) The widow believed, she gave her last meal and God gave her more than enough.

(Mark 10: 46 – 52) Blind Bartimaeus believed, he ignored the discouragement and his faith made him whole.

Mary and Martha sent words to Jesus about Lazarus’ ill health but Jesus waited, He didn’t respond immediately.

John 11:21-23 Four days after Lazarus death, Jesus came and Martha in faith said “that even now, whatsoever You ask of God He will give you”

She believed that Jesus could do something about the situation and Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.

What is that situation that seems dead in your life? It will only cost you faith to bring it back to life.

God is able to turn that situation around. He will always exceed your expectations.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4 Your season for dancing is now. God will give you testimonies that will make You dance your heart out. IJN ( prayer)

(Psalm 30:10) You will dance a dance of victory. (Decree)

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