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Today’s message by Pastor Busayo Adekanbi
Topic : Worry Not

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We welcome you to our tweetcast this morning. We trust you are ready to be blessed.
Bringing the word this morning is @Pastor_Busayo.
Don’t be worried the year is gradually coming to an end. You will testify before the end of the year.
God will change the rule on your behalf. Don’t be worried!
You will not end this year frustrated or in pain!
Ephesians 3:20 God will do exceedingly, abundantly…just for you. #Worrynot
Verses to ponder! Matthew 6:25, Joshua 6:16
Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat, what you will wear; instead find out about your life #Worrynot
What we desperately want is the cause of our worry; but if you focus on the kingdom of God, then you will worry less. #Worrynot
To seek the kingdom, you must first seek The King. Then the benefits of the kingdom come to you. #Worrynot
Allow The King to guide you. Seek His righteousness. Romans 1:17 #Worrynot
The kingdom of God should not only be inwardly experienced but also outwardly expressed. #Worrynot
Seeking the righteousness of God is seeking His Character. #Worrynot
This will be your best Christmas yet. Don’t look at the present, it will end in praise.
For you to live it (righteously), God will give it (righteously)

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