Alcohol, Sex & Drugs Part 1

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jan 4, 2019

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Proverbs 23:29-35
Topic: Alcohol, Sex and Drugs (1)

Drug is anything that can intoxicate you and that includes alcohol (alcoholic drinks, cocaine, weed etc).

Just because a thing isn’t clearly spelt out in the Word of God, doesn’t mean we should do it.

Our goal as Christians is to please God and not just to obey rules. As we grow in our walk with God, there are some things we shouldn’t do whether or not it is written in the Bible.

7 Dangers of Alcohol

1. It makes you do unusual things. That is, it generally breeds looseness.
Wherever alcohol is permitted, many loose behaviours are permitted.
Adultery breeds in places like clubs and wine bars.

Bad things happen in an atmosphere of alcoholic drinks. As believers we should avoid these places.

Everywhere in the Scripture when people indulge in drinking, it caused looseness.

Lot was drunk when he slept with his daughters.

Noah was drunk when he was found naked by his last son.
Genesis 19:32

#2. It dulls the senses. This includes all forms of drugs that people abuse. It makes your conscience insensitive.

Most prostitutes are heavy drinkers as a matter of necessity. They need to be high to engage in the lifestyle they live. So, they deaden their conscience in order to keep doing what they do. Same applies to those who engage in crimes.

#3. It gives an artificial and temporary relief to real issues.
Proverbs 23:34

When you are high on drugs and alcohol, you forget all your responsibilities.

# 4. It is very addictive. Proverbs 23:35

God never wants anything to have the power over us. We are the ones to exercise rule over things.

As a believer because of the affiliations of some things, you should not even relate with it. 1 Corinthians 6:12.

Drinking may be lawful but it is not necessary for you.

5. It is dangerous to health. Same applies to cigarettes and other substances that people abuse.

No one in their right senses should buy a stick of cigarette because it is like buying death with your own hands.

There are too many health hazards to alcohol abuse. It affects the liver and brain.

6. It is financially draining. Most of the companies that produce alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and Drugs finance shows that encourage people to drink more.

Mark 3:24. It is a cartel. They sponsor and support themselves with the aim of destroying those who patronise them.

The average cost of sales alcohol in the United States is in huge billions of dollars.

The bad thing about drinking is that it is mostly the poor people that are addicted to them.

7. There are too much deaths related to drinking and intoxication. The amount of deaths linked to drunk driving are alarming.

Domestic violence is a by product of those. Drug overdose is consistently killing a lot of talents we have in the world.

A Few Basic Arguments.

1. People argue that the Bible is not against drinking alcohol but against getting drunk.

Where is the line between drinking and getting drunk?You only know you are drunk after you have gotten drunk.

Also, the Bible commands that we shouldn’t let our liberty become an offence to others.

No soul winner Christian can consistently drink alcohol. The habit just leaves you because it cannot coexist with true Christianity.

As long as you encourage drinking, those related to you may not be able to break that habit for life. For instance , your children.

No addict was born an addict. They all learnt it.

Your subordinates and colleagues are influenced by you. They will do whatever it is that you do. So, watch what habits you form.

Just because you can handle a decent exposure to certain seemingly harmless things doesn’t mean that others may be able to do it.

As a believer, you’re a King and Priest. You don’t need to indulge in alcohol. Revelations 1:6; Proverbs 31:3-7; Isaiah 28:7

God still loves you even if you insist on taking alcohol however, His love won’t prevent the consequences of your actions.

Thank you for joining us in today’s service. We believe you were blessed by the sermon. Have an amazing week!

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