All Things Are Now Ready Part 2 Island

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jan 21, 2020

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Look unto Abraham your father.

Isaiah 51: 2

God wants you to be a blessing.

Lessons From Abraham

Abraham enjoyed all things.
Genesis 24:1; Isaiah 51:1-2
Don't ever think that God cannot bless you in all things.

God called Abraham and blessed Him.
Genesis 12:1-3
In everything you need, God has His will. You need to work in partnership with Him.
It's not enough to want something, want that thing such that the blessing will overflow to others.

Is your container big enough?

The dimension of blessings you'll have is dependent on the kind of thinking you have. Stop thinking of mere survival. Think of being a blessing to the world.

He that gives, will increase.
Prov. 11:24

Pertinent questions to ask yourself:
Why do I want to marry?
Why do I want a better job? etc.
Are your desires aligned with God's purpose?

Abraham paid tithes of the material blessings God gave him.
Gen. 14:20
When we invest in the house of God, we're aligning with God's will to spread the gospel to all men.

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