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Date : Apr 4, 2021

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We came by creation not evolution. This means there is a creator who we are accountable to, for we are created with a purpose.

The character of God is holy and He wants mankind to live in a certain way. He is not erratic. He works by principles.

The first time man ever sinned, God did not punish him. When he sinned, God made the first sacrifice by killing animals, shedding their blood and using their skins to cover Adam and Eve.

God is not sending people to hell. He is saving them from hell. The price for sin had to be paid in full  and no one could pay it.
What makes hell bad is not because the fire is hot but because God is not there.

God developed a grand plan and brought His son Jesus to die for us and pay the price of sin so we can forever have the opportunity of being with God in this life and in that to come.

Is Jesus The Only Way??
Jesus is the only way because of the following facts;

1.Jesus is the only person that throughout life there were similar prophecies about his coming like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses, Abraham, etc.

2. Part of the prophecies is that He will be born by immaculate conception.

3. Jesus lived here on the earth and also claimed that He was without sin - (Hebrews 4:15).

4. No other person has prophesied that he would die and how he would die.

5. He also said that he would resurrect.

Christianity is not based just on the Bible but on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God cannot behold sin because He is holy. Christ had to pay for all our past and future sins - (Matthew 27:46).
Now God sees us as Christ not as who we are. We are IN Christ.

Sin is a spiritual thing. You cannot physically pay for it. Physical acts of goodness to cover sin cannot pay for sin.

Jesus conquered death. This is the only issue that mankind cannot resolve - (Matthew 17:22-23).

What makes Christianity the only way to God is because Jesus died and rose again and promised us that we will rise again after death. No other person has promised this.

He is not here for He is risen!!! Jesus is alive!! - (Matthew 28:1-20).

We believe not just because it was written but because these things happened. They were real people.
Jesus was seen by people who knew him after he resurrected - (Acts 1:3).

Today would be a perfect day to give your life to Jesus Christ. He loves you and gave Himself for your sins, so you can come boldly to God. Accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus this moment.

He’s waiting.
Say this prayer  with your hand on your chest.

Lord Jesus, come into my heart. I accept you today as my lord and savior I. Forgive my sins and wash me with your blood. I receive the grace to serve you all the days of my life. Thank you father for I’m born again. In Jesus name.
You’re now a member of the body of Christ!

God Bless You.

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