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Date : Apr 11, 2021

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The average Christian does not understand the urgency of preaching the Gospel.

The design of prayer was never to ask God for things. If you walk with God, you won’t need to ask Him for things because you will have them - (Matthew 6:33).

When you seek first the Kingdom of God, you will understand that His burden for souls is also your burden. Therefore, the reason why you need things is different.

Those that don’t believe in God will perish. They need to be saved.

God does not want one person to go to hell - (2 Peter 3:9).

1. People are perishing everyday - You need to understand that for every person that dies without being born again, they go to hell. This is why you can’t be praying for things when you have family members that are not born again.

2. We are commanded to preach - (Matthew 28: 19).

3. We are commissioned to Preach - (2 Corinthians 5:18).

4. It makes Heaven glad whenever a soul is won - (Luke 15:7).

5. We are rewarded for it - (Daniel 12:3).

The best way to get things is to focus on what the Master wants.
There is nothing you want in this life that God cannot give you if you carry His burden in your heart.

Every Christian is commissioned to preach. You are a minister. You have the ministry of reconciliation.

When last do you make heaven rejoice?

Natural things don’t impress spirits.

We will shine like stars for ever.

The Foundation of Soul Winning:

In soul winning, prayer is crucial.

When you get born again, your first task is to pray for everybody you know to be saved. Don’t be a wicked person by focusing on your personal needs.

God can use anything to win a soul. Prayer is the key.

How to pray for the lost.
1. Don’t pray for God to save them: God has already saved them. Always pray that God will send laborers - (Luke 10:2).
2. Always rebuke the devil from their lives - (2 Corinthians 4:4).
3. Pray that the spirit of God will convict them and draw them.
4. Be guided by the Holy Spirit: Be sensitive to the spirit.

Salvation is too sweet, the only way not to receive it is for the person to be blind.

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