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Date : Apr 25, 2021

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Romans 12:1-2 - Your children are not yours. You’re God’s nanny.

God wants godly seed from marriage. The only way for something to be godly is if it is born of God - (Malachi 2:14 - 15(MSG)).

Being born again is not a change of behavior but a change of heart. If your children are not transformed in their nature, they cannot behave well and they will not go to heaven. IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT BORN AGAIN, THEY WILL END UP IN HELL!!!

You may never be the one to lead your children to Christ but it’s your responsibility to pray for them that they do and create the right atmosphere for them to know God. Our job as parents is to put things in place to make it easier for them to receive Christ.

How do we do this?

1. Choose who you marry wisely - (Genesis 24:1 - 8).
Children learn more from observations than from instructions. The choices you make affect your children. One of the question you should ask yourself when you want to marry is - Do I want to reproduce after this kind?

2. You must parent as a team. Parenting is not a woman’s job - (Genesis 18:19(MSG). Ephesians 6:4(AMPC))

Fathers, train your children. Children get their identity from their Fathers and nurture from their mothers.

3. Be intentional about raising your children together. Pray with your children. Let them be used to see spiritual things in the home.

4. Start Early.

Train up a child, not an adult. You teach your children spiritual principles from when they are young. Make it practical so they can remember. Take time and invest in teaching your children the Word.

5. Think Legacy

It is your responsibility to make sure your children are saved and preserved - (Genesis 6:18).

We have to make sure that the legacy of being Christians remain by passing it on to our children. As a parent, do not drop the baton. God is counting on you to preserve this generation so they can preserve the next. How do you prevent a generation that doesn’t know God from existing?

By impressing them on your children. Whatever you do, every opportunity you get, put Christ in it - (Deuteronomy 6:1-7).

Never use church as a punishment tool. Never use their love of God to blackmail them especially parents of teenagers.

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