Back To Eden Island Midweek

Speaker : Pastor Chike

Date : Mar 18, 2020

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Back To Eden Island Midweek
Pastor Chike

God doesn’t just make a way, HE IS THE WAY.
And that means you will never be stranded.

If that same spirit that dwells in Jesus dwells in you, he will give life to your mortal bodies.

(1cor. 15:45)

You can produce everything that Adam produced while he was in Eden because Eden is now IN you.

The Holy Spirit dwells in you now.

When Christ Died, He:
1. Redeemed Us.
2. Sanctified us. (Separated us for His own use)
3. Made us Righteous
4. Gave us wisdom.
You need to be conscious of these gifts so that the Power can work in You.

(1cor 1:30)

Decree and Declare now that Your works shall produce fruits,
Declare that Eden is at work in your Life!
The Wisdom of God is at work in You!
In Jesus Name. AMEN! Folded hands

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