Date : Mar 14, 2021

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Differences Between Miracles and The Blessing

When God begins to call you to greater things, He no longer shows you His acts but His ways - (Psalms 103:7).

1. For a miracle to be relevant, you need a crisis; For the blessing, you avoid crises. For a miracle you need healing but for the blessing you have health!

2. In a miracle, you cannot reproduce it at will but in a blessing you can walk in it continuously.

3. In a miracle, it can’t work for everyone but when it’s the blessing, it’s for all believers.

4. Miracles is never under your control, it is as the spirit wills - (1 Corinthians 12:11).

5. A miracle is not a sustainable way of life.

6. A miracle is never an abundant supply. It never solves all problems. It is the blessing that makes rich (full supply, abundance).

7. A miracle pushes responsibility while the blessing requires responsibility.

8. Miracles only cover one area of your life; the blessing covers all.

9. The Miracle draws attention to the man of God while the Blessing draws attention to God.

10. The miracle lifestyle does not help people grow spiritually but walking in the blessing helps you to grow as a believer.

11. The miracle prayer builds a passion for things and not a passion for God.

12. The miracle lifestyle leads to spiritual prostitution but when you’re in the blessing, you’re more stable.

(MSG) I am not a prayer beggar, instead I am a blessing distributor - (Isaiah 30:15-17).

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