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Date : Mar 15, 2021

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Today's Focus: More than Miracles

~ God planned that we will live by the blessing, not by miracles.

~ The ways of God are superior to the acts of God because it is His ways that produce His acts - (Psalm 103:7)

~ The signs and wonders follow us. We're not to follow signs and wonders - (Mark 16:17).

12 Reasons We Shouldn't Live By Miracles

1. For you to need a miracle, you must first have a crisis.  Live in the blessing where the crisis is even avoided.  Healing is beautiful, but health is better - (3 John 1:2; 1 Peter 2:24).

2. When it is a miracle,  you can't reproduce it at will. But the blessing can be reproduced because it is built upon God's principles.

3. When it is a miracle,  it can never be for everyone. But the blessing is for everyone.

4. Miracles are never under your control. They occur as the Spirit leads.

5. Miracles are not a sustainable way of life. Some breakthroughs are once in a lifetime,  the rest will be common sense and judgement.

6. Miracles never give abundant supply. They give limited supply for the need at hand. The blessing creates abundance - (Proverbs 10:22)

7. Miracles pushes responsibility, while the blessing requires responsibility.

8. Miracles cover only one area. The blessing covers all areas.

9. Miracles draw attention  to the man of God while the blessing keeps attention on the God of man.

10. A miracle mindset makes us passionate about things instead of being passionate for God.

11. When you're focused on miracles,  you can't grow spiritually. You focus only on what God can give you,  never on what you can give God - (Matthew 11:28-29)

12. Miracle mindset leads to spiritual prostitution.

Everything you need is in God's word. His blessing is contained in His word. Sit in one place and study God's word.

Have a great week ahead and continue to walk in the blessing!

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