Blessed Not Stressed (More Than Miracles) Mainland Part 1A

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Mar 7, 2021

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Series: Blessed Not Stressed
Topic: More Than Miracles
Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

The hardship going on the world is not for you. Do not participate. As believers, we are not meant to live by miracles

God never intended us to live by miracles. Miracles are not for us. There’s something more than miracles.
Genesis 1:26-28
God designed us to live by the blessing not by miracles.

God will never curse his people. He never cursed his people. Signs and wonders were not designed for Christians.
Genesis 3:17

It’s never God’s plan that we work to eat. Adam was working for a meaning not just to pay bills.
People that work for a meaning get paid twice - in cash and in fulfillment.

You are blessed and not stressed. You’re not meant to stress for any natural thing.
Proverbs 10:22. Miracles are not God’s best. They are so limited. They are not the staple of a believer.

Throughout scripture, when God wants to use someone, He doesn’t do a miracle for them, He blessed them.

Genesis 12:1-2

When you work in the blessing, you become a Blessing. It’s a better way to live than chasing miracles.
Genesis 12:3

Meaning of The Blessing- This is God empowering you. It means having God’s goodwill and His good deeds behind you. It means God is your sponsor.

The Blessing is superior to money but money is part of the Blessing.

The Blessing is having all of heaven’s support and resources with you.

Christ died for us to bring us to that point where we carry the Blessing of Abraham, not Adam.
The blessing of Adam had conditions but for the blessing of Abraham, you connect by your Faith.
Galatians 3:13-14.

You cannot be poor. The thing that can make you poor does not exist.

Stand in the Blessing line, not in the begging line!

Seven Ways to Know if you are Walking in the Blessings

1. You will get results that are not commensurate with your efforts or qualifications.

You can never be close to someone you beg or borrow from. You are close to someone who showers favours on you.

This explains the relationship of some people with God

You can’t go low to the level of the unbeliever. He’s better at it than you. You can’t hustle with a hustler, He will beat you. Stay on your own lane where God fights for you. Don’t fight for yourself.

2. Growth or increase you cannot explain.

If you can explain every growth or increase you get, you have not activated the Blessing.

Genesis 32:10

You must never be involved in office politics. You can’t join them. The person fighting for you won’t just fight for you, He will compensate you.

3. You live a no-coincidence lifestyle.
You’re not lucky, you’re blessed. There’s no coincidence with God. No matter how bad the situation, God will always turn it around for good.

Genesis 50:20

4. Peace is now your default setting, not stress.

The Blessing makes up for all you lack. The Blessing supplies fully.
Proverbs 10:22

5. Lesser personal prayer point.
You deactivate the blessing by doing things that keep you outside the blessing. Prayer becomes a time of fellowship with God or a time to intercede for others.

6. Unusual favor becomes normal for you. The Favour of God is enough. Case in point - Esther and Daniel.

7. You will have unending progress, not just for you but for your generation.

Even when others think God is done with you, a new chapter opens.

You will never have a previous better year

The Blessing doesn’t stop with you. It’s generational.

As David never lost a battle so will God’s walk with us be.

Thank you for joining us for service.
Remember, you are Blessed, not Stressed!
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Have a blessed week!

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