Breaking Limitations Mainland Midweek

Speaker : Min Supo Arogundade

Date : Apr 10, 2019

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Minister Supo Arogundade ministering.

God always has a plan for you, irrespective of the things you're going through. Your life is in phases, and God has seen the end from the beginning.

God has seen your end, do not abort God's plan for your life.

Isaiah 46:10
Once God has said it, it is settled.

You might look common right now, they might not know of the army within you until you emerge. Stay!

God has put a full stop, to the search of His being. He knows the end from the beginning, and declares what will happen in 2019.

God has said, in 2019, YOU ARE UNLIMITED!

God is seeing the souls of people, and they are tied to you. Don't just be involved, be committed.

When God is counting those who has played a major role in the house you've been planted, will your name be mentioned?

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