Bull's-Eye Part 4

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Feb 23, 2020

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Luke 14:25-34, Eph.3:20 -

If you can dream it God can bring it to pass. The question is ’are you ready to play your part?’

Setting goals and achieving those goals require us having the willingness and sacrifice.

Things To Help Achieve Your Goals:

1. Attainable Goals: Your goals must be clear cut. You must know ‘what’ you want to achieve. Mark 11:24

Your goals can be anything from financial, to emotional, to career, to health, etc You must be clear on them and know what you’re aiming for.

2. Attach Emotionally:
You have to be emotionally attached to your goals. This is what will keep you going in days you don’t feel like working at them. You must be passionate about your goals.

You need to learn to stir up excitement as regards your goals. You need to keep fueling your dream. Hebrews 12:2 - Keep your eye on the goal.

Always put the joys of achieving your goals ahead of you. Without hope, we really can’t thrive.

3. Accurate Parameters:
How do you measure the successes of your goals? Small progress in achieving your goals motivates you to do more.

4. Achievable Plans:
How do you intend to achieve your goals? What exact plans do you have? Put practical steps: know what things you need to do per time to achieve your goals.

There must be a plan. This helps you stick to the vision in mind.

5. Actionable Steps:
Now that you know the plan, you need to work on the plan. Now that you know what it takes, you need the grace to do that which it takes.

Get excited enough to actually do what you plan. Actionable steps to achieving your goals include; training, certifications, doing what you love, getting mentors, etc.

6. Accountability Partners: Eccl. 4:7-11. Having people that you’re accountable to and that check on you, you will go far.

You need people who motivate you and are constantly asking you for feedback on how far you’ve gone with your goals.


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