Connecting With Your Full Reward

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jan 4, 2019

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We are talking about “Receiving your prophet to receive your FULL REWARD”
Matthew 10:41

There’s a dimension of our FULL REWARD that is tied to how we receive our prophet.

The prophet is not the soothsayers on white but God’s messenger sent us to confirm and teach you the word.

Prophet’s reward are majorly in two categories; the message he/she brings will be accomplished in your life and it’s based on how you receive the prophet.

Luke 1:38, Luke 1:22
That God brought a message to you its not automatic, you have to receive him well for the message to manifest in your life.

The second category is that the grace of the prophet which is dynamic will rob off on you.

Jeremiah 3:15
God has a pastor for you.

Ephesians 6:1,2
God’s plan for you is to have both natural and spiritual parents.
1 Corinthians 4:15

John 14:1,
So when your pastor bless you or speaks a word over you, you receive it.
Hebrews 7:7

No matter how amiable and down to earth your prophet might be still carry him with honour and reverence. Do not allow over familiarity set in.
Matthew 12:48

John 6:29
God sent the prophet to you and they give account for your soul, Hebrews 13:17.

#3 Defend and Protect your prophet.
Never have the strength to castigate your prophets and leaders in the Lord, or else you will be cursed. Never rebel against your prophet.

The truth is you will never see a perfect prophet, so take your eyes off his fault and do not join in spreading the news or gossip them.

Never stay where your prophet is been attacked, your prophet is a man, never get offended, never criticise him, at best pray for him.
Romans 14:4.

Numbers 12:1-10
God never judges a man by act but by heart which you cannot see, so take your eyes off his works and fault. He has a master (God) you’re not his caller.

Genesis 9:20-27
As a son learn to cover the nakedness of your prophet, never join in spreading his news. It is your job to protect them. Any rumour spreader never spreads the gospel and anyone will be cursed who spreads or listens to the gossip.

2Kings 2:1-15
The mantle that never worked in Gehazi’s hand worked in Elisha’s hands, so the heart is key.

#4 Give to your prophet
1Corinthians 9:11
Always bless your prophet, give to him personally, let him benefit from your service or material things for free. He doesn’t eat your tithes and worship offerings.

Give him what he loves, but if you don’t know his taste simply convert it to money. It allows grace flow from him to you.
Genesis 27:4

We believe that you were blessed by this word, second service starts in a moment.

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