Frustrations Mainland Midweek

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : May 22, 2019

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Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo bringing us God's word this evening.
Tagged; Frustrations ( understanding, interpreting and challenging it)

Frustrations in themselves are not necessarily bad but the wrong interpretations is what makes it bad.

Frustration is a pointer to things that need to be fixed.

Frustration is like fever that makes you the body know that there's something wrong in it. It is a symptom.

2 or 3 major reactions people have to frustration
1) To exit; to run away. This should not be your automatic reaction to frustration. 

Emotions are good for affections but not for decisions.

A lot people make decisions in the heat of the moment and this usually leads to bad decision.

When you are tired the tendency is that you would magnify what should not be magnified and minimizes what should not be minimized.

When you're tired you can't think well.

You can't frustrate God's purpose; rather you can only frustrate yourself out of His purpose.

2) They enter acceptance mode; "this is normal"

You can start from somewhere but you don't have to die in the same place.

Don't get comfortable in that frustrations. Don't ever let anything get in the way of you moving forward; there's always more grounds to conquer.

You must be content but not satisfied!

Be happy with where you are right now but don't be satisfied with it because God's got bigger things ahead for you.

What is frustration trying to tell me?

1) it is telling you that there's something you're doing wrong.

Don't marry down, marry up! Marriage should be like a business you must make gains not necessarily financial but in your areas of weakness find someone who can help you.

2) it tells you you're looking at something wrongly.

3) Frustration might be telling you that you're doing the right thing but with the wrong person.

What do I do with my frustration?

1) pray; stop relax and ask God what to do.

Most times God wants to download wisdom on how to go.
God can never run out of ideas, He has many options He can show you that will profit you greatly.

2) Talk to mentors, or people that are experienced.

It is a crime to be struggling and everyone around you is struggling...that is Laziness!

It is also a crime to have friends that are succeeding around you and you're not succeeding; that is pride.

Friendships can do more  than what money can do.

Humility is the key to tapping from friends.

When you have enough friends, you can never be frustrated or stranded but you must be humble enough to ask.

The things that frustrate you are what you don't expect.

Stages of every relationship:
1) Honeymoon stage (everything looks good here)
2) Reality stage (you begin to see their truths)
3) Criticism stage (you now see their flaws)

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