Speaker : Pastor Ose Imiemohon

Date : Jan 10, 2019

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Manifestation must be substantiated with truth. The world was FRAMED by the Word of God ... (Hebrews 11:3 )

"Framed" comes from the Greek word , "katartizo" which means to reformat something to the way it was originally intended.

In 2019, your mouth and your mind need to be reformatted for success.

Your mind has been designed by God to deliver experiences. It's a powerful tool..

What you allow into your mind can thwart your God-given destiny.

Spiritual strength flows from your mouth, use it wisely

If you can reprogram your mind and your mouth, you will enjoy good success and bear fruit in every season.

God is not responsible for your success; your success is your responsibility (Joshua 1:8)

You are the programmer of your life, you are co-creators with God

Envy comes from not knowing who you are and what you carry.

Success has nothing to do with your geographical location or your pedigree

If you can program your mind with Heaven's software, you will succeed in life.

God's momentum needs to be programmed into your mind. God has momentum that is in league of its own

The lion is not the biggest, swiftest or strongest animal in the jungle, but it believes it is King and it acts accordingly.

God broke through for David like the force of water from a dam (1 Chron 14:11)

Water heals and refreshes, but it is also a destructive force.

Water that has found its course displaces and destroys everything in its way.

In 2019, the momentum of God will displace, destroy or overrun every obstacle that stands in your way.

So how do we gain momentum and sustain it ?
- Think Covenant. God thinks and talks from the position of Covenant.

When you catch the covenant mentality, you exchange strength, robes, blood , names etc..

Whatever belongs to your covenant partner is automatically yours.

Momentum is very interesting. The stronger the momentum, the greater the impact.

When you move with God's momentum, you have to look out for these things:

- God will present you as the underdog,the one least likely to succeed.

The underdog mentality comes with these things:
- It changes the status quo and established traditions
- It comes with pleasant suprises (Job 5:9)

2019 will launch you from obscurity into the spotlight

The race is not to the wisest, smartest or swiftest, it is to whom God decides to show mercy.

Let your expectations be grounded in mercy in 2019.

God will give you a reference when He is about to do something you.

A believable reference makes impossible things seem possible.

David was an underdog with no military training and the least likely person to take on Goliath.

Oh, but David had the momentum of God and he did exploits.

The momentum speeds things up. You need to continuously declare the things you want and believe in 2019.

You need to hold fast to the dream God places in your heart irrespective of naysayers.

You shall be justified by the word of YOUR mouth not the mouth of others.

Your next level won't be easy. You will meet resistance but with God's momentum, you will displace it all.

If you can rehearse God's faithfulness to you, you'll realise how blessed you are and you'll be filled with gratitude.

Success is not genetic.

Jewish people understand the importance of declaring blessings over their children. As they have programmed it, so it becomes. You can do the same over your life and your children

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