Speaker : Pastor Sam Oye

Date : Jan 11, 2019

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Jacob and Eau started their lives the same day, but their lives didn't turn out the same way.

You can't be cleared to take off into the sky without a flight plan.
Oil on an empty head only multiplies it's frustration.

What is your plan for 2019?
If you think and dream about nothing, then you'd end up with nothing.

Goals + strategy= unlimited results.
Flight plan= Flight destination + Flight path

The plane is built to fly; but it first will be on the ground; so it needs momentum to fly.

The pilot first has to deal with forces from keeping you from flying.

Every aircraft that is not flying has two things going wrong.

1) weight
When you compare yourself with other people's level, you won't know that you're going nowhere.

Vibration is not a movement.

300 naira salary for someone who has the mental capacity for 3 million is an insult

What is keeping you down from rising?

2) Drag

What is holding you back from moving forward?

Until the power you generate supersedes the power that is holding you back, your bondage will continue.

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