Speaker : Pastor Niyi Eboda

Date : Jan 11, 2020

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Pastor Niyi Eboda
The blessings God commands upon you are irreversible. Numbers 23:20

God is a builder and He's very much interested in building us.
Hebrews 3:4

By the time God is done with building us, His glory is reflected through us.

Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.
Isaiah 40:31

As you wait on the Lord through #GainingMomentum, your strength to triumph through 2020 is renewed.

Wisdom is what you need to leverage all the resources that God has given you.

Many of us have blown our 2nd chances in the past. Our God is a God of "another chance" and He can restore you.

5 things you need to pay attention to if this is going to be better:
1. What you're saying. Don't be casual with what you say to God and to others.
Numbers 14:28; Prov. 25:7; 1Cor.13:11;Psalm 141:3; Psalm 19:14;Prov. 18:21

Don't always talk. Listen.
Don't say what you don't mean.
Don't say things that don't edify.
Don't say what you don't want people to remember.
Don't speak negative things.

2. The relationships you have.
The quality of your relationships is a reflection of the presence or the absence of wisdom in your life.
Prov. 12:26

Relationships are powerful.
Don't be in a relationship against your will.
Friendship is by choice not by force.
Don't befriend a stranger(somebody you don't know).
The value of your relationships shouldn't be one-sided.

3. What you do.
It is the steps you take that God will order.
The conditions may never be perfect but you have to make the best of the conditions

Isaiah 3:10;Prov.14:23;Eccl. 11:4

"The grace of God is not a replacement for the actions of a man. It is a compliment."

"Gravity is the only natural phenomenon. Upthrust is initiated. It is deliberate."

4. Pay attention to planning.
You decide the future from the present.
Your ability to define your preferred destination and your determination to discover the route to it determines how far or high you go.
Prov. 24:3 (TLB)

Stop wasting your opportunities. Every opportunity should be a springboard for something better.

When God gives you what men are looking for, you become the word that men are looking for. The secret is still in the secret place of the Most High.
This is the year you'll have the advantage of the spirit of knowledge.
#Day5 #TheWord

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