Speaker : Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Date : Jan 12, 2020

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Welcome to Gaining Momentum Day 7.

Ministering: Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Topic: The Anointing For Financial Deliverance
Text: 1 Kings 17:12 & 15

When God wants to bring deliverance to your life, he sends you a prophet.

Sometimes when it comes to our finances it seems like we have been left out, but it isn't so.

It takes a prophet who has been in a certain place to take you there.
Sometimes we listen to the wrong voices, we look at the wrong pictures.

Stop listening to people who tell you you can’t be what you dream about. It isn’t about what you read/studied. It is about your season.

Pursue the man of God to bring you out of trouble. Pursue them through their messages, books, etc.
Romans 10:17
2 Kings 6:5-6 - The anointing of God suspends every human or natural law.
2 Kings 7:2-3
Who you see determines who sees you & who you hear determines who hears you.

Matthew 17:27
2 Kings 4:1-7
God cannot work with nothing. You must create capacity and an atmosphere for God to fill up.
1 Samuel 9:7

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