GM 2020 Conference Day 1 Mainland

Speaker : Dr. Mensah Otabil

Date : Jan 6, 2020

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Dr. Mensah Otabil bringing us God's word tonight.
Topic: The power of the cross
Opening Text: John 19: 17-20

Jesus knew how he was going to die and of all the possible ways he could die, this was the one he chose. He knew his death would be shameful and public but he also knew it would draw people to him.

The word of God is powerful by itself. And the teaching of the word brings forth the power of God.

The Cross has become the symbol of Christianity. We see it everywhere. In painting, in cars, as jewelry but the Cross was not designed to be a symbol of faith.

In the time of Jesus, it was a sign of shame and punishment.

There were so many ways Jesus could've died. But he chose the most horrible death available at that time.
It was not the choice of the Jews or the Romans, but his choice. He knew it, way before he was going to die on it.
1 Cor 1:22-24.

Paul says we preach Christ, crucified.

If the story of Christ was invented by men, it would've been one of sweetness and niceness.. not of shame.. not one of the Cross.

In those days, to the Jews, the Cross was a curse so it was a stumbling block. To the Greek, a Saviour is expected to be strong.. have dominion.. mostly like Greek mythology.. The Cross is preached because that is the truth and there is nothing else to tell.

Psalm 22:1
Matthew 27:46..
Jesus was fulfilling scripture.. even with the words he mentioned in Matthew 27:46..
Psalm 22:1-18.
The Cross was chosen by Jesus to be the way he would die, the way by which new life would come to us.

Galatians 3:10-16.
Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law so that the blessings of Abraham would come unto us by faith.

Christ paid a very painful price for our redemption and it would be a shame and a waste if we who have been redeemed, still go back and operate under the curse of the law.
John 3:14-15.
Numbers 21:8-9

The problem we as Christians have is that we run after the Devil when we should be looking unto Jesus who has been lifted up.

As Christians, we have to have the discipline to look to Jesus, even when the things chasing us hurt us badly. The Cross is powerful by itself and you cannot add to it.

No amount of prayer gymnastics will make the Cross more powerful that it already is. The power is not in the volume of your voice..

Christ bore the most shameful death so that we would have no shame.

Witches have the Democratic right to be witches.. that's their choice. But when Jesus Christ died on the Cross, he gave us immunity from the devil himself.

The reason why we are gaining momentum is because of the Cross.. because of the pain and shame that Jesus suffered.

Matthew 27:46.. This was the only verse in the scriptures where Jesus called God, God. And this was because He turned away from Jesus... That the scriptures be fulfilled.

There is power in the Cross because of Jesus Christ who died on it.
Deu 11:26-29

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