How To Stay In Eden Mainland Midweek

Speaker : Pastor Mayowa

Date : Mar 18, 2020

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Minister Mayowa bringing us God's word tonight.
Topic: Out of Eden
Subtopic: Don't listen to strange voices. How to stay in Eden.
Opening Text: Genesis 3: 1 - 2

Whatever we focus on, we magnifying.

Have you wondered why Eve gave audience to the serpent?

The serpent basically cast a shadow of doubt on the reality of what God had said.

When you give a listening ear to the voice of doubt, to strange voices, you will lose sight of what God has told you.

Genesis 3:1-5.
When the serpent engaged Eve, she could have asked God for clarification but she did not rather she engaged the serpent.

Likewise, when you get a word from God and go out, people; "reality", circumstances begin to ask you how these things will be and remind you of your shortcomings.

These are strange voices trying to wage war with the Word you have received.

Strange voices twist the words, the instructions given to you by God. You begin to question the word, you begin second guess God's word to you.

Words become flesh.
Whether it is the one spoken over your life,
The one you speak over your life or the one you ruminate and think over in your mind.

How do we stay in Eden?
1. By praying.
There is nothing like "too much prayer". The devil does not give warning or notification, he shows up unannounced. You should pray ahead because you never know what the devil/life will throw at you.

2. Obedience.
When God tells you to do something, please do it.
Don't second guess Him. Don't listen to voices telling you something different no matter how "sensible" it sounds.

When we err, we should be quick to run back to God.

This is the difference between King David and King Solomon.
Matthew 6:28-29.

King David was always quick to run back to God when he erred. Unlike King Solomon.

3. Study the word.
When you pray, study the Word, and obey God, you don't feel any different physically, you might not feel the effect now, but there is a change in your spiritual life which will manifest with time.

When the devil comes to wage war on you, it's your reserve of the word, prayer, and obedience that you will draw from. If you do not have any reserve, you will fall for the tricks of the devil.

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