How We Cultivate The Presence Of God - Out Of Eden - Mainland Midweek

Speaker : Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Date : Mar 11, 2020

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bringing us God's word tonight.
Topic: Out of Eden
Opening Text : Genesis 1 & 2

Man is a Spirit. But the only way to be legally on this Earth is to have a body.

When Adam sinned, it placed a limit on him. He became more aware of the natural.

The problems we face come when we stop listening to God and start listening to other people. Others things.

Shame is one of the tools the devil uses to keep us from getting the best in life.

Shame also makes us not take responsibility. We begin to blame other people for our mistakes.

The God we serve is not limited.. not by anything.

Eden is not a location, Eden is the presence of God.

How we cultivate the presence of God...
By giving it attention, by putting in the work. By studying and laboring in the word. By praying and worshipping.
After cultivation, we labor to keep it.

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