Text: Matthew 16:13
The ‘I Am’ in this case refers to our identity. That is why it is important to know who we are.
Your identity only has to come from who God says you are. It’s the only thing that can give you value.

John 1:46- People can’t define you, they can only describe you. Most people validate themselves based on the opinions of others.
Exodus 3:14- Many people in the Bible days saw the different aspects of God and described Him based on those aspects. Genesis 22:14; Exodus 15:26.
Only God can define you and He relates with us based on how He sees us. Romans 4:17; Judges 6:12.
Until you see yourself the way God sees you, you may never experience the manifestations of how He sees you.
People most times talk at the best of their knowledge or ignorance.
Only God’s Word about us is unchangeable. Numbers 23:19.
Always ensure you surround yourself with the right people. Luke 6:26.
Don’t build your identity, self esteem and confidence around people. They can take all that away from you. Matthew 21:9; Colossians 2:10.
Don’t build your life on your possessions. What you own doesn’t define you. Luke 12:15.
Mark 8:36- Don’t let anyone pressure you into materialism. Material things doesn’t take away the emptiness in your soul.
Finding your purpose in God should be your identity.
Your identity comes from our relationship with God. We are who God says we are. Don’t let things or people define you.
What an amazing Thanksgiving Service! We believe you were blessed…

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Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo continuing the series ‘I Am’
Another thing not to build your identity on is your past.
One of the things we are to let go off is your past mistakes. You are not your past. God’s best is not in your pasts but your future.
You must forget the past and lay hold on your future.
If you can’t forget the past you can never lay hold on your future. Philippians 3:13; 2 Corinthians 5:21.
Every believer has a past but we must consciously forget the past. 1 Corinthians 5 :17; Romans 8:1.

Don’t build your identity on position. Your value doesn’t come from the position you occupy. Mark 10:37-40.
Most times we pursue importance forgetting that we are already important.
Positions will not trip you if you have a high sense of identity. You’re already God’s best. 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 5:10

Your identity must never come from your physique. Never define yourself by how you look.
Be proud of who you are. Confidence is the best makeup you can ever wear. Psalm 139:14.
Be yourself, the person that likes you will appreciate you. You’re not created to fit in, you’re created to Stand Out. We are who God says we are. Ephesians 2:10; 1 Peter 2:9.

It was yet another amazing service and we believe you were blessed. Always remember that you are God’s best. Second service begins shortly…


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Our identity is from God, not man.
If you allow man define you then you will be confined. Do not allow men define you.

Just that you’re not doing well now doesn’t mean you’re not powerful, all things made by God is powerful.

You have the right to be the way you want as long as it doesn’t contradict the scriptures.

A position should not define you, respect all men and treat them as you want to be treated…

The scriptures define who we are and that’s what matters.

The idea is you’re a work of art, so everybody won’t know your value, so don’t follow everybody, let God define you.

Kings have a sense of royalty, so they’re not in a rush, they’re not common. They have a better understanding of value…..

Press into God for your identity….

These are the things that will help your value as a child of God, 2 Corinthians 5:21


Sermon by Pastor Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo
Topic: I AM PART 4A
Text: I Corinthians 7:17(MSG)

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Continuing on the series “I AM”……
Our identity is meant to be from God not from man…
All the pressures we face in life is man-made, “what will people say syndrome”….
I Corinthians 7:17(MSG), let no one put you under pressure.
Today we will be talking mostly about emotional balance.
A lot of people don’t like their spouse they are about to get married to but love wedding…
God gave us feelings but He never intended for feelings to be our guide…..
Feelings can be very misleading, the feelings are there but you can’t trust your feelings because they are fickle.
For you to be successful, you must master your feelings and control it, or else you’re trouble going somewhere to happen. Proverbs 25:28(KJV).
It is lack of emotional control that makes people do “love at first sight”, our emotions are likes dogs that must be on a constant leach for control.
We all need emotional balance…
Its emotional immaturity to beat an adult “men that beat their wives” Ephesians 4:26.
God designed it in such a way that you control your feelings and use it for good.
There is no sense in feelings or else God won’t give us both.
You will like a lot of things in life but you must learn to set them free especially when you obviously cannot have it or afford it.
Women are very emotionally savvy and smart and they already have a picture of their romance life ahead.
Women fall in love ahead while men fall in lust ahead….
You must not date everybody that comes across your life or else you will miss a lot things in your life, some are supposed to be your friend, mentor, mentee, business partner, connectors to great job and deals.
#1 By praying…
Whenever your emotions are leading in a way you know you should not go, just seek help from God, simples prayers like “God help me”
When you feel like doing wrong and you know you should not or when you need to do right and you don’t feel like, just pray and ask help from God.
#2 Put principles in place, live your life by principles, it helps you to put control, Job 31:1, cut off things that will not help your emotions be in place.
Your emotions can be stirred, so cut off some kind of places, cut off some kind of music, cut off some contacts and chat (especially your ‘EXs”)
Live your life by principles.
Your feelings has no integrity, it can leave you at anytime.
The weight of “see finish” is only meant to survive on the platform of marriage.
You’ll never gain by disobeying God, put principles in place in your life.
Put procedures, put structures and principles in place it will help your life and protect you from personal destruction.



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