IF... You Are Wise Island

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Mar 5, 2021

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The IF series continues. Today's focus is "If You are Wise". 

Ministering: Pst. Kingsley Okonkwo 

~Walking in the word of the Lord will equip you to deal wisely in the affairs of life. 
Joshua 1:8

This week and beyond,  walk in wisdom by God's standard.

The source never changes, regardless of how much the channel does. Keep your eyes on the source.

The blessing of God is irreversible.

Make an effort to do all that is written in God's word. That's the only way to contact wisdom.
Joshua 1:8

How do you contact wisdom?
By carefully modelling every decision of your life to God's word.

Wisdom is not smartness and should not be patterned after the world's method ; it is a decision governed by the fear of God. 
Luke 16:8, 2 Timothy 3:15

God-fearing doesn't connote 'terror' but 'reverence.'
So, the fear of God is the word-ruled, reverence of God's word.

God doesn't operate by fear because fear is evil. Never relate with God from a standpoint of fear but reverence.

How do you know someone who has the fear of God?
By determining what guides their life and how they honour a certain code or belief over God's word.

Respecting the source of a word validates how you engage that word. The reverence you have for God determines how you take his word.

It's not everything people say about you that you should have access to. You were created to be affected by words. 
Guard your heart.

Amazing word, right?
Have a great week ahead.

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