Leaving A Legacy Part 3A

Speaker : Pastor Ezekiel Atang

Date : Sep 8, 2019

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Our challenge is that we have people who are not thinking about the future. Even parents, teachers don't think about the future that they allow character flaws but kill their self-esteem.

Even to the leaders in our nation don't think about education so they don't invest in because it doesn't yield immediate yields.

You can be intelligent and not wise. So plan for the next generation.

The easiest history to repeat itself is the negative history.

Things to do for the next generation..
#1-Leave wisdom for the generation, not just the money. Wealth transferred without wisdom is poverty. Start early to transfer wisdom and training in your child(ren).

Between age 1 to 10. You should have done the impacting the most important training. Show them your secrets on time. Let them know your mistakes so they avoid it.

#2-Demonstrate values to them not just teach them, children can copy easily.

Teach your children how to sacrifice for the Lord, Christianity is founded on sacrifice. A price was paid to keep us to God.
Hebrews 2:10

Jesus paid the price for us. By the sacrifice of Isaac, Abraham secured a nation. There are sacrifices you will make that can preserve your generations. Only tithe keeps devourers away.
Genesis 15:14

Genesis 22:1-17
Whatever wealth God gives to you will comes with a test and that's the starting point, He will give you back. There are things God will tell you to do that will secure other things in future.

The power of sacrifice...
-Sacrifice speaks beyond the sacrificer. 
-God does not forget sacrifice. Psalm 50:5, Psalm 189:34-37.

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