Maximizing Time Part 3

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jul 17, 2019

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Welcome to Midweek Service.

Pastor Kingsley concludes the Midweek Service series on how to manage your TIME.

Time is the currency of life. Equally given to all. 
Refreshed daily without discrimination.

There is always a right time to do something.
It is not every time that is the right time.
Time is always given to accomplish a purpose.
Ecclesiastes 3:8

You don't save time, you instead spend it wisely; allocating it to the right things.

You don't have the whole of your life to make the most of your life.
Spend time wisely.

The Rules to Maximizing Time.
1. Spend it on spiritual development because it is the foundation of all other aspects of life; giving you leverage over the natural.
1 Timothy 4:8

2. Spend your time on developing vital skills that will amplify your brand and give you a competitive edge.
Ecclesiastes 10:10
These are the skills you can't do without, in your own life. Identify what is a vital skill for you.

It saves you time because, you'll be so good at it, that people see you as an expert and pay you for your expertise, and not for the act in itself.

It will give you an edge over your peers.

3. Spend your time on developing vital relationships to help you create connections that will better your life.
Another vital skill is money-making and management skills.

Being broke as a boy or girl drastically reduces your options.

4. Spend time investing in your subordinates. It will help you acquire more time to do other relevant things.

Tips to maximizing time:
1. Be where you are per time:
Concentrate and participate fully in your present location. Do away with distractions.

2. Not everything deserves your time. Be particular about what you decide to partake in or not.

3. Avoid procrastination:
Doing away with a chore weighs on you mentally and adds to tomorrow's work.

4. Leverage on Technology:
This helps save time and resources on different aspects of your life.

5. Protect your time: avoid time-wasting ventures by allocating time to various things ahead. 

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