Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jan 4, 2019

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There’s a difference between the Blessing and blessings.

It is the “blessing” that produces the “blessings”.

The blessing doesn’t work with the presence of a green pasture, it works with divine direction.

For you to receive the blessing that produces the blessings, you need to be in touch with the Blesser .

This shows that, from the time Issac received the word from God, to the time he got the blessings, he WORKED.

God doesn’t bless prayers he blesses work!

When you have the blessing, don’t despise any work.
Genesis 39:2

Your discouragement in life is dependent on what you’re looking at.

The world’s system is failing, if your eyes are fixed on the world’s system, to meet the desires of your heart, you are on a track road of failure already.

Jeremiah 17:5 ; Matthew 6:21
When your heart is on God, you can’t hold back your tithe.

Where your treasure is, there, will your heart be.

Genesis 26 vs 18
When you try something and it doesn’t work, you try something new.
Isaac dug wells that were closed, yet he never stopped, until he got his own.

If you want to receive the blessing as believer, you should be
1. Be heartily connected to God for divine direction
2. Work hard creatively, and intelligently
3. Trust God (the Blesser) to give the increase.

Thank you for joining us for our second service broadcast.
We believe you have been blessed and the blessings will certainly follow you.

Do have a fruitful week …

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