Out of Eden Midweek Island

Speaker : Pastor mildred kingsley-okonkwo

Date : Mar 4, 2020

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Fear is the reason why you cannot operate on some levels.

You do not have a spirit, you are a spirit.

Eden is not necessarily a location, it is rather an experience with God.

Children are the closest to the Eden experience. If we get older and we are not in touch with our spiritual side, we begin to develop fear.

Fear comes by hearing the world but faith comes by hearing the word.

There are a few things that create fear in you.
1. The Fear of being Alone.
2. The feeling of being unloved.

3. Feeling not good enough evokes fear:
God's love & support is irrevocable and immeasurable and it dispels fear in any capacity.
Hebrews 13:5-6

Fear makes you shut down and live at a lower level of existence.

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