Out of Eden Part 1 Mainland

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Mar 1, 2020

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Genesis 1 & 2 is God's original plan for man. God created man and put him in the garden of Eden (Delight)
Adam was a supernatural man.

The reality, natural and normal are enemies of God’s original plan for our lives.

The devil has the power to keep shifting what we call reality, natural and normal.

In Eden, life wasn’t being sustained by natural means but by supernatural means.

Our minds have been so reconfigured to accept the natural and it ought not to be so.

We need to get to that level where we are so keyed in with God and align with His plan to the point that we don’t have personal prayers but only pray to intercede for others.

Genesis 2:21
We must put aside every worry and consistently tap into Eden by learning to rest in the presence of challenges.

In the eyes of God, the things we call and see as natural are evil.

If you can help your spirit, soul and body line up with God and put your focus on God’s goodness, you will live the Eden life.

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