Remember Midweek Service Min Wale

Speaker : Min Wale

Date : Oct 2, 2019

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Minister Olawale Oladapo ministering......
When you remember, your confidence comes back; pressure disappears.
What You Should Remember:
#1 Remember the things that God has done in the past.
1Samuel 17:37
Testimonies are living things once you remember them it breathes faith into you. It can reproduce after its kind.
#2 Remember what God has done for your neighbor and know you're next, God is in the neighborhood. He is faithful. You will never be forgotten.

#3 Remember and connect with miracles He has done in His word. The bible contains the largest record of miracles and testimonies!
Joshua 2:9

The idea is, your challenges are more terrified about you than you know. They know at a point they have to give in but because you can't see the next minute so you don't know. 
Joshua 2:9.

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