Reverse The Curse Release The Blessing Part 1

Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Jun 2, 2019

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The blessing and the curse are supernatural forces. These workings of these forces can not be explained.

Every child of God inherits the blessings of Abraham.

The curse make things not to work while the blessing make little efforts yield great results.

One of the ways to release the blessing upon your life is to be conscious of it.

(Genesis 14:23)
Abraham acknowledged the blessings of God upon his life as the source of his wealth. 

Every time we don't pay our tithe, it implies what we are more confident in our limited resources than in the provision power of God.

(1 Timothy 4:14)
The blessing is pass on by the laying of hands and the words of prophecy.
The blessings changes ones life.

(Genesis 27: 26 -27)
It is confidence and consciousness that releases the blessing. 

Fear hinders the flow of blessings, faith releases it.

It is important to know why God is blessing you. When you know the source of your blessing, you will know the way to sustain it.

Esther 4:12 - 14

Because of the blessing we have confidence, we don't beg here!

You must be so sure of what you carry!

The blessing also protects.

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