Spiritual Goals Mainland Midweek

Speaker : Pastor Jethro

Date : Feb 5, 2020

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Pastor Jethro bringing us God's word tonight.

To see the supernatural this year, believe God. You will not fall, Jesus will hold your hands.
Matthew 14: 28 -31

Topic: Spiritual Goals
Opening Text: Matthew 6: 30 - 33

The spiritual controls the physical. If you can win in the realm of the spirit, you'll win physically, it's only a matter of time.

Goals are actionable steps that takes us closer to were we aim to be.

We are part of the kingdom of God. We are not natural men so we cannot afford to live or think like natural men.

There's more to you. You have a purpose and a higher destiny.

Our higher purpose is to seek God's kingdom.

Seeking God's kingdom means we see to it that the Kingdom establishment is made possible. That the gospel spreads.
There are 3 ways to establish the kingdom.
1. Witness
2. giving
3. Prayers.

Acts 1: 8 ,Matthew 9:35 - 38
This year we must set prayer Goals. Spend time in the place of prayer.

There are many forces fighting against your prayer life . But you need to make a conscious effort to pray. Make out time.

Don't complain that you are not praying, just pray. Set a Target. Don't leave it to chance.

You must have a routine.

You must come up with plan because spiritual thing will not fall on your lap, you must be deliberate.

The focus is how you must establish the kingdom.

2 Peter 1:2
An increase in grace and peace is a function of Your knowledge of God.

We should aim to grow in knowledge. Learn about God better.

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