SUPER MAN (PART 2A) | Mainland


Date : May 9, 2021

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You are born for the supernatural - (John 3:6).

Christianity is the only setting where God upgraded the men to His class.

The supernatural is not for Pastors. Every child of God is supposed to walk in the supernatural. If you get this then you’ll stop chasing men but chase God.

The supernatural is for every believer not just for pastors or apostles - (Mark 16:17).

When next you or your children are sick, don’t be quick to get drugs. Pray over yourself and your children - (Mark 16:18).

Learning discernment of the spirit is your responsibility not God’s. God is a good God.

One of the ways we connect to the supernatural is by faith - (Matthew 19:28, Mark. 9:23).

Faith elevates you to the level God is.

If God created the world by Words, you too can create your world by Words. Words are spiritual seeds that can be planted and bring a harvest.

Have the God kind of Faith - (Mark 11:22).

You too can speak! Have the same kind of faith God has. If you have a mountain in your life, speak to it yourself. Don’t call your Pastor - (Mark 11:23).

Spiritual laws trumps the natural and civil laws. In the natural, mountains don’t move but in the spiritual they do.

Speak to the mountain, not God! He has made you an authority.

God has given you the authority to speak like Him. You’re His spokesperson!!

Your environment matters. Surround yourself with faith-filled Christians.

Before you go into any battle, send words ahead, Before you go for any interview, send words. Words are spirit. They don’t need visa or transport fare.

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