SUPER MAN (PART 3A) | Mainland


Date : May 16, 2021

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You were never designed to just live naturally as a Christian. You are a Superman; a different breed of human being.

Before now you’re either a spirit or a man but Jesus in the scripture above introduced us to the Supernatural man who is both a spirit and a natural man. Stop trying to live like mortal men for you’re not one.

God never intended that we will live the Christian life in our flesh. The natural man can never obey God.

There’s no instruction in the scripture that you can act out in your flesh. They require you to walk in the spirit.

Signs that you’re filled with the Holy Spirit

1. You pray in tongues - (Acts 2:4).

2. You are bold in a righteous way - (Acts 4:31).

3. You will see things that normal men can’t see - (Acts 7:55)

4. You will be full of faith - (Acts 11:24).
You respond first in the spirit not in the flesh.

5. You will be filled also with Joy - (Acts 13:52).

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