Symptoms Of Unhealthy Relationships Island Midweek

Speaker : Min Diche

Date : Feb 19, 2020

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 by examining the timelines of our lives.
We call it "Symptoms of Unhealthy Relationships."

Here goes: 
Symptom 1: Too Much Packaging & No Content.
When you spend too much time analyzing what people think about your relationship, it is probably faulty. 
Why not instead spend time on actually working on it.

Symptom 2: 
"Unhealthy Compromise."
Does making compromises leave you drained, unfulfilled or dissatisfied? Then it's probably an unhealthy scenario.
Learn to stand firm.

Symptom 3:
"Giving Requires Sacrifice."
Love functions optimally in the place of sacrifice.
Learn to balance love with giving.

Symptom 4:
"Lack of Trust."
Every healthy relationship is based on trust & bordered by openness.
Genesis 2:25

Symptom 5:
"Prayer is Involved"
A relationship devoid of prayer lacks a certain kind of shine. Prayer helps smoothen the rough edges in your relationship.
Use it.
James 5:16

Enjoy the rest of your week!
As David never lost a battle,
So will God's walk in your life be.

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